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Teacher's Bios:

My name is Mona Attar (Al-Ali). Currently, I work as a Montessori teacher. I have 24 years of teaching experience, and counting. I have volunteered with Sunday school for 16 years. I have two daughters. Sadean graduated as a teacher and Nadean is entering college this coming school year. I have a lovely husband, who works as a civil engineer for Snohomish County and a beautiful cat named Lilly. I love to exercise, reading Quran, traveling, shopping, and KIDS. I have written the book, Love is Our Message, containing Islamic Studies, and Arabic. I believe love and passion can change anything in our kids’ lives. I look forward to getting to know you and your children this coming year.

Salam! My name is Menna El-Sadaany, I recently moved from Toronto to Seattle for my job as a Technical Program Manager at Google. As a new addition to the Sunday School team, I am excited to teach my students how to love and develop a strong relationship with our beautiful religion. I strongly believe this religion is not a set of rules, but something that has to come from within. I am excited to teach, and learn from my students as we work together to become the best version of ourselves.

My name is Alizay! I'm currently a freshman at Bellevue College. I really enjoy making short six second videos. Making videos and then editing is something that I  thoroughly enjoy. I like to think I know to how to cook but I don't, and I really enjoy reading, and watching movies. 

Hello! My name is Maye Ismail. I am a senior at the University of Washington. I am majoring in Speech and Hearing Sciences. I was born and raised in Washington State however I spent three years in Amman, Jordan to learn Arabic and Islam. I believe it is very crucial to help the younger Muslim generation grow into strong Muslim Americans who are proud of their belief and identity. This year I will be a teaching Level 4b. I am very excited to work one-on-one with students.

I am Dua, the new art teacher for Noor Weekend Academy! I am very excited to implement this new program into the same Sunday School I used to attend growing up.
I'm a junior at the University of Washington, studying biology and the interdisciplinary arts. When I'm not working as a research assistant in the Nanoparticle lab, or working for the Cardiac Surgery Department at the UW Medical Center, I love to craft and make art. Art not only provides me with an outlet for my creativity, but also gives me a way to express my identity. I love creating things so much I opened up my own online Etsy store when I was in ninth grade. Since then I have watched my techniques, style, and business network grow as I have. My goal for my students is to instill confidence in them and to have them be passionate about what they are interested in, just the way I am passionate about medical research and art. I want my students to know they can achieve whatever they want to, and shouldn’t let anything let them down. My art class will focus on topics of Islamic art, being Muslim in America, entrepreneurship, nature, self-identity, love, confidence, and strength.


Hello! My name is Mohamad Ismail. I am a senior at Eastlake High school and also a running start student at Bellevue College. My future goals are to attend the University of Washington, inshaAllah, and major in a field that will help me accomplish me dream in joining the medical field. I was born and raised here in Seattle, but I lived in Amman, Jordan for a few years to learn Islam and Arabic. I believe as Muslims living in the United States, it is important to teach the younger generation our faith so they can tackle misconceptions and represent our faith in the best possible way. I intend to help my students in any way possible whether it’s by helping them with their homework or how to deal with a friendship problem. My end goal is to help my students be confident in themselves and their Muslim American identity.

Salaam Aleikum! My name is Asmaa El-Ghazali and I recently graduated from the University of Washington with a Microbiology degree, and hope to pursue medicine in the near future, inshAllah. As a new addition to the Sunday School team, I am excited to teach my students how to be successful individuals who are capable of confidently practicing their faith, giving back to the community, and pursuing higher degrees of education in a time when being Muslim can be more challenging than it has to be.