Level 2A - Sr Alizay

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Level 2A Curriculum

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Update 4/29/18

I wanted to thank all the parents that brought their kids prepared for the Hajj reenactment! I was so happy with the kids' behavior during the event! May Allah continue to bless you all with happiness in deen,dunya,and aakhira.
I just wanted to mention that inshaAllah Ramadan is starting soon, so I wanted to have each student write down three goals for Ramadan and practice their surahs that they've memorized.

Update for 4/29/18: Hajj Reenactment Update- from Noor website

Noor Weekend Academy will Insha Allah be holding their annual Hajj enactment this Sunday 4/29 during school hours. The students will have the opportunity to learn about Hajj rituals at various stations that we will set up. We encourage all Noor Weekend students to attend this great opportunity to learn about Hajj, and it's fun.

Parents may prepare their children beforehand for this event as follows:
- On the day itself, boys should bring two white towels or two pieces of white cloth to be used as Ihram clothing during the enactment. The towels/cloth should be wide/long enough to wrap around the waist/shoulder and will be worn on their normal clothing.
- We will be praying 2 rakaats nafl in the masjid, the students should make wudhu at home.
- Girls should wear a hijab/scarf (as we will be praying in the masjid)
- Students should eat a healthy breakfast in the morning since the enactment may take up to 2 hours.
- Parents can discuss Hajj and Umrah with their children.
- Do NOT be late for Sunday School on April 29th.

Update: 04/01/2018

Hope everyone has a safe and fun spring break inshaAllah!
Our Quran teachers wanted to remind the students to review their surahs that they have learnt as when they return from break, they will be tested. Jazakallah khair for your cooperation!
Also, a quick reminder to let you know that there is NO Sunday school next week, the 8th of April.

Week 5 Update: 10/29/2017

Today we spent some time reviewing all the names of Allah we have learned in class so far, including the 6 names we learned last week! We also reviewed Surah Ikhlas and its meaning. We then learned a new name of Allah, Al-Wadud (The Most Loving) and discussed what this means. We talked about all the ways in which Allah shows his love to us. We learned a new dua from the textbook as well: 

للَّهُمَّ ارْزُقْنِي حُبَّكَ وَحُبَّ مَنْ يٌحِبُّك
"Oh Allah, grant me your love and the love of those who love you."

We then completed pages 13 and 15 in the workbooks as a class. 
  • Please review Surah Ikhlas and all 10 of Allah's names we have learned so far
  • Please review the dua we learned this week (above). This is also in the textbook.

Week 4 Update: 10/22/2017

Today, we spent the first part of class again reviewing all we have learned over the last few weeks. Some students shared their completed homework with the rest of the class. We then talked about qualities of what Allah is, and what Allah is not. The kids did a great job with this! We specifically addressed how Allah does not have parents or children, and is not a male or female.

After the break, our art teacher Dua joined us for a fun art lesson! The students used different colored paper to create a picture that represents a creation of Allah. The kids really enjoyed this lesson!

Following this, we reviewed Surah Ikhlas together and the meaning in English.

We then learned 6 new names of Allah:
Al Adheem (The Magnificent)
Al Aliyy (The Exalted)
Al Wahid (The One, The Only)
Al Qayyoom (The Self Sustaining)
Al Hayy (The Ever Living)
Al Samad (The Self Sufficient)

We completed a worksheet from the book about who Allah is.

  • Students were given a sheet with all 6 names of Allah discussed in class today, written in Arabic and English. Please ask your child to color this before next class and review the names and meanings with them!

Week 3 Update: 10/15/2017

Today, we spent the first part of class reviewing what we learned over the last few weeks--Arabic numbers, months of the year and the three names of Allah that we learned last week (Al Khaaliq, Al Baari and Al Musawwir).  We reviewed the dua of looking in the mirror.

We then moved on to chapter 2. We discussed the story of Ibrahim when he broke the idols of his community members, and how he taught them that the sun, moon and stars were not Allah. We completed the corresponding worksheet for this in class. We also learned about the meaning of the shahada, and practiced saying it as a class. 

Finally, at the end of class we learned how to make paper rockets and each made our own! 

Parents: a couple students left behind their workbooks in the classroom, as well as some pencils and crayons. We can return these next week inshaAllah if we can identify the appropriate student.

  • Exercise 1 in Chapter 3 of the workbook (scanned copy is below)

Week 2 Update: 10/8/2017

Today was another busy day of learning at Sunday school! We briefly reviewed the Arabic numbers 1-10, which we had learned last week. Then, we learned the song for the Islamic months of the year! Please ask your son or daughter to sing this for you at home! :) We talked about the major Islamic holidays and which month each of the holidays falls in. 

Next, we reviewed what we had learned last week about what Allah creates and what humans create in the world. Some students shared their drawings that were done as homework last week. 

We moved on to the next part of Chapter 1, which discussed 3 names of Allah: 
  1. Al Khaaliq (الخالق) The Creator
  2. Al Baari (البارئ) The Maker
  3. Al Musawwir (المصور) The Fashioner of Forms

We talked about what each of these names means and how they relate to our lives through examples. We discussed what we should say when we see something beautiful: Subḥān Allāh (سبحان الله‎‎), meaning "God is perfect (free of any errors/defects)".

We also learned the dua for when we look at ourselves in the mirror:  اللَّهُمَّ حَسِّنْ خُلُقِي كما حَسَّنْتَ خَلْقِي (Allahumma  hassin khuluqi kama hassanta khalqi).

At the end of class, we talked about the story of when Adam was created and of Iblees/Shaitan, how he used to be honored by living among the angels, until he disobeyed Allah and was banned from their company.

  • Exercises 4 and 5 in the workbook. For those without the workbook, it is scanned in the files below, labeled "Homework 10-8-17.pdf".)
  • Due to student request, we will build paper rockets in class next week! Each student was asked to bring the following supplies for their rocket: 
    • 2 sheets of paper
    • tape
    • scissors
    • ruler
    • 1 pencil
    • 1 straw

Week 1 Update: 10/1/2017

Today was the first day of class! We spent some time learning everybody's names and saying salaam to everyone. Then we discussed class rules, including being respectful, not speaking out of turn, and listening closely when others are speaking. We discussed the daily class schedule as well, including when the recess is, when it is okay to eat, play, etc.

Some students forgot to pack a snack today, so we reminded them to bring food for next week so that they don't go hungry! 

We discussed the story of Abraha today, and the lessons from it. Finally, we talked about things Allah created in the world, versus things that humans created!

  • Exercise 1 in the workbook. The assignment is to draw a picture of things that Allah created in the world, with color! If you do not have your workbook yet, please draw on a piece of paper and bring to class next week. 

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