Level 2B - Sr Alizay

Asalaamu Alaikum!

 Welcome to the 2B Sunday school class! My name is Alizay, I am a freshman at Bellevue College and I am really looking forward to teaching class every Sunday. I enjoy working with kids. This is my first time teaching a class, and I'm really excited and looking forward to working with all the students. On this page I’ll post what we did, and the homework for the class day. Below are what I expect the students bring with them everyday. 


Class Expectations: 

  1. Always have a pencil and eraser 
  2. 2B class workbooks 
  3. colored pencils 
  4. lunch/lunch money 
  5. A good attitude, and willingness to learn 


If you have any questions, concerns, and need to get in contact with me, please feel free to use my email. 

Email: teacher_level2B@mynoor.org



Week 1:

Today was the first day of class, and we did some getting to know you and your classmates activities. We made nametags, and talked about what we want to learn about Islam, and what we know about Islam. We discussed class rules as well.We briefly talked about what manmade objects are vs. what Allah (S.U.B) has created.

HW: Exercise 1 and 2 

Week 2: 

Today we went over two of Allah (S.U.B) 99 names. Al-Khaliq and Ar-Rahman. Then we talked about what the meaning of SubhanAllah is, and when to, and why to say it. Then we briefly went over the Dua you recite when looking at yourself in the mirror. This Dua is located on pg. 17 in the I Love Islam workbook. We also talked about some stories of the prophet. 

HW: Exercise 5 and Exercise 1 Chapter 2 pg.9 

    -Also please practice the dua that you say when looking in the mirror with you child. 

Week 3: 

Today we revised the two names of Allah (S.U.B), and when and why to say SubhanAllah. We then did an activity where everyone got a paper, and some crayons and drew something that Allah (S.U.B) created. Talked about what the meaning of Alhumdulillah is, and when to say it. We briefly talked about Prophet Muhammad's family (P.B.U.H). 

HW: Exercise 2 on pg.12. Exercise 1 on pg.13. Exercise 3 pg.24. 

    -Please practice the Dua when looking into the mirror with your child, as well as Surah Ikhlas. We'll start going over that next week iA. 

Week 4: 

Today we had some students recite Surah Ikhlas, and very briefly we went over the meaning. We talked about the steps of Wudu, and when and why it's important to do Wudu. We went over the past learning material as a reminder, and we talked Allah (S.U.B) creations of the universe, space, planets, gravity and the importance of them. 

HW: Complete pages  22-23

       - Practice Surah Ikhlas 

       - Ask your child to tell you two names of Allah ex. Al-Khaliq or Al-Latif

Week 5: 

Today we talked about angels and what some of their duties are. We talked about three more names of Allah. Al-Basir, As-Salam, and Al-Ghafur. We did an art project in class and we talked about manmade vs. Allah's creations. We also had Quran class, and everyone was taught Surah Ikhlas. iA next time we plan to go talk about the meaning of Surah Ikhlas. 

HW: Practice Surah Ikhlas with your child, and make sure they have it memorized by next class, as we will have them recite it in class. Other than that no homework from the workbook. 

Week 6: 

Today we went over why we pray, and how to do wudu. We discussed how to pray as well, but will review next class as well. 

HW: Practice Wudu, and as your child why we pray. Review names of Allah. Al-Khaliq, Al-Latif, Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim, Al-Ghafur     

Week 7: 

Today we just reviewed the past information, and practiced wudu. Assigned projects on the prophet.

HW: Practice wudu, and also please work on the project! 

-No School Sunday the 26th! 

Week 8: 

Projects that some students had finished were presented. Practiced Surah Fatiha, and Ikhlas. Review that with your kids. Will go over the meanings next class iA. Started to go over how to pray in class very briefly. We also had art class with Sister Dua, and we created some tasbeeh's! 

HW: Project on the Prophets. Practice Wudu, and go over Surah Fatiha and Sarah Ikhlas. On pages C35 - C38 you'll find the steps on how to pray. We'll go over this in class but it would be great for you to read through and start off a little bit with your student. 

Also I wanted to post some great examples of the projects that some of the students created!!

Week 9: 

We talked about the keys to Jannah. We learned Surah Nas in class, and did a very basic meaning of Surah Fatiha and Sarah Ikhlas. We learned another name of Allah, Al-Qadr. Today we started some Arabic letter writing, and I gave all of them packets. Some were completed in class, some weren't. We also had our presentations and at the end watched a movie. 

HW: Complete the Arabic letter writing packet if you haven't! Enjoy your break, and see you in 2018 iA 

Week 10: January 7th, 2018

We started talking about the background of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). We discussed what love for the prophet means, and what it is. We talked briefly about the meaning of family, and the Prophet's (P.B.U.H) family. We reviewed the name of Allah (S.U.B) we have learned and then added three more names this week. Finishing up stories of the prophet's presentations as well. 

HW: pg.25 Unit B, pg.27 Unit B

Week 11: January 14th, 2018 

Sunday school Canceled 

HW: Review Surahs; Ikhlas, Nas 

Week 12: January 21st, 2018 

Today we discussed what was going on around the world ex. Donald Trump, treatment of women, etc. Almost all the students participated and had some really interesting points to add. We talked about three more names of Allah (S.U.B). We mentioned the importance of women in Islam. We talked about respecting your parents. 


Pick any Country (can be a muslim country)

-5 facts 

-find the national animal of the country 

-1 picture of any mosque in the country and name of the mosque

-1 picture of the country

-the flag of the country

Practice Surah Fatiha. 

Week 13: January 28th, 2018 : We went over the meaning of Surah Nas. We started an Arabic letter writing worksheet in class. It was on letters Baa and Taa. Not all students finished, please finish that up. We watched two videos. One was about the early life of the Prophet (P.B.U.H), and then the other one was about Cave Hire, Angel Jibreel and how he became Prophet. We made our dua/goal/wish anything you want it to be book. The country presentations were also shared. 

HW: Students learned Surah Falaq, and I would really practice this one with them. Those of you who didn't finish your country project please have that done by next week. Have your student practice wudu and prayer with you. 

Week 14: February 4th, 2018 : Students practiced Surah Nas, Surah Falak. We talked about culture. We finished up the presentations of the country. We talked about culture. We did some letter tracing but alot of students were struggling so we will be going back and reviewing the arabic letters. In want to have these down, and there will be more of a focus on the letter strokes, and how to connect next week. As of now we have to practice writing each letter separately. We reviewed the 5 pillars, and 5 prayers as well. 

HW: Culture packet. Practice the Surah's you have learned. Ask your child the 5 pillars, and the names of the 5 prayers of the day and what times of day we pray.

Week 15: February 11th, 2018 :Drew our own masjid. We also made prayer charts. If you could review how to pray with your child that would be very helpful. Help them with Wudu. We reviewed Surah Nas, Kafriun. Practice that with your child. We watched a short film on the story of Prophet Ibraheem. We also learned names of Allah (S.U.B); Al-Wadud, and reviewed names we previously knew. 

HW:  Culture Packet.The Arabic alphabet packet. Memorize the alphabet. Practice how to pray; wudu etc. Have a good break :))  

Week 16: February 18th, 2018 : No Sunday school Mid Winter Break

HW: None

Week 17: February 25th, 2018 : Did Arabic alphabet letter tracing. Today was a big focus on Arabic letter.s Getting the strokes right. Began reciting Surah Nasr. 

HW: No Homework. 

Week 18: March 4th, 2018 : We talked about what a muslim is? How does a muslim act? We talked about how, not all Muslims look the same. We did an art project on Tessalations. We will continue that next week. Next class we will talk about hijab. The Quran teachers did more work with learning Surah Al-Nasr. 

HW: Practice Surah Al-Nasr. I'm attaching a link which can help with the recitation. 


Week 19: March 11th, 2018 : Learned three new names of Allah (S.U.B). Al-Jabbar (the powerful), Al-Wahab (the bestower), and Al-Muzil(the humiliator). We read chapters 1 and 2 in section D. Last week we watched a video of Prophet Nuh, and then for art today, we created our own arks. 

HW: Review Wudu

Review names we learned in class 

Practice Surah Al-Nasr

Week 21: March 25th, 2018 : Video of prophet Musa, and Daud. Read Unit B Chapters 1-3. Not everyone finished, but most of the class did. We practiced Surah Kafirun. It was more a review day today. We will have art class next week. 

HW: The pages are very different in the workbooks. Read Unit B Chapters 3 - 6. So for the square edged books you get to do Unit B pg.29-34. For the Round Edged books do pages 18-19, and 26. For the round pages it should say Unit B chapter 1. Practice Surah Kafirun. 

Week 22: April 1st, 2018 : Video on Prophet Yusuf! We did Arabic letter tracing. Recited all the Arabic letters. Brief intro on Hijab. 

HW: NO Homework! Enjoy your Break. 

Week 23: April 8th, 2018 : NO SCHOOL SPRING BREAK


Week 24: April 15th, 2018 : Watched the story of prophet Solayman. We read till the end of Chapter D. Discussed the importance of Palestine. 

HW: Make a list of what you know about Ramadan. Make a list of goals you have for this Ramadan. Make a list of what you want to know about Ramadan. 

Week 25: April 22nd, 2018 : Talked about Ramadan. Discussed why do we fast, how is a fast broken (more in depth the week after next week). What can we do when we fast? We talked about Hajj. We talked about what is Ihram. Talked about Tawaf, Saee, and Makham-e-ibrahim. Next week is Hajj Reenactment so it would be great if you review the process of Hajj with your child. At the reenactment the Level 5 students will be guiding all the students, but if you want extra preparedness then go over it. 

HW: Make a list of goals for Ramadan. Complete prayer chart. Bring two towels if you can for boys. Ladies bring your hijabs. 

Week 26: April 29th, 2018 : HAJJ REENACTMENT DAY

HW: No Homework

Week 27: May 6th, 2018 : Began Section E chapter 1. Talked about the importance of mothers. We made class money and wallets today. Class money can be used to get prizes at the end of the year. We practiced Surah Kawthur in class. We went over the meaning as well. We watched story of the Prophet Adam in class as well. 

HW:  Salah chart.

Week 28: May 13th, 2018 : Section E Chapters 2 and 3. Review these chapters with the kids as well. From the workbook completed Chapter E section 1 and 2. Carnival day. For Quran class the students recited and learned the meaning of Surah Quraish. Talked about Suhoor, and Iftar. 

HW: Practice Surah Quraish. Review chapters 1-3. 

Week 30: May 27th, 2018: NO CLASS 


Week 31: June 3rd, 2018: Finished up all of Chapter E! We're done with the book good job everyone. 

HW: Find two Hadith from the prophet and bring it to share with the class. Find one name of Allah (S.U.B), and bring it to share with the class. Do some research on Laylatul Qadr, and bring a written paragraph back to class on what you learned. 

Week 32: June 10th, 2018: LAST DAY OF Sunday school