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Level 3A Curriculum

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Schedule Alteration: According to the original schedule, our school is supposed to have a fire drill next week, but that has been changed to a lockdown drill. We covered the purpose and the general procedure for a lockdown during class, so please let me know if any of the students bring up any questions about it.

Attendance: Thank you to all the parents who bring the students to the gym at the beginning of the school day! It makes the morning run very smoothly, especially with such a big class now, Alhumdhulillah, and we really appreciate it. Please note that students who arrive tardy to class (10 minutes after the assembly, so after 10:15am) will be sent to the office to be checked in, unless you have contacted me ahead of time about being late.

This week 11/15/2015

Class Works

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For the next few Sundays, we will be discussing the cities that are special to Islam - Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem. Today we learned about Mecca, and also read several stories about Prophet Ibrahim. Please note that we're now in Unit D in I Love Islam.
We spent class time reviewing the letters we've learned so far: ArabicExcercise1 - Answer Key.png.
 The next two Sundays will be a review of all the letters we have learned so far.

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Due Date: 11/22/2015
How to submit: Put in homework Tray
pg. 57 in the "I love Islam" workbook (I don't have a scanned version of this page, but every student who didn't have a workbook went home with a copy)
Arabic Exercise #: Arabic Exercise 1.pdf
Qur'an: Continue practicing Surah Al-Kafirun. Please practice this Surah for next Sunday. 

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