Where is Noor Weekend Academy?

A: We are located at 17550 NE 67th Court, Redmond, WA 98005. See more info in our About Us page.

When does school start?  When is the winter break?  When are vacations?

A: See our academic calendar.

How can I contact the school and when?

A:  Email admin@mynoor.org at anytime. Business hours are Sundays: 10:00am to 1:00pm. See contact us page.

Where can I find parking at Noor Weekend Academy?

Get more info in About Us page.

How do I register my kid at Noor Weekend Academy?

A: Complete the registration process detailed on the registration page.

How much does Sunday school cost?

A: Tuition and fees are given the tuition fees page.

What are the school timings?

A: Please see the daily schedule.

Where are the school classrooms?

A: We are located in the MAPS (Muslim Association of Puget Sound) building located at 17550 NE 67th Court, Redmond, WA 98005. See About Us page.

Who is teaching my child in Sunday School?

A: Our teachers are all enthusiastic who care a lot about their students, some with a background in education. Our teachers have been teaching Sunday school for a number of years ranging from 16 years downwards. See our teachers' bio on our staff page.

How do I know what my child is being taught in class?

A: The curriculum page gives an overview of the class levels and contains a PDF consolidation of the curriculum content for each level. You can also find more details about the curriculum and week to week classwork and homework information in your child's class information page.

Where do I find my child's homework?

A: The week to week classwork and homework information can be viewed in your child's class information page

How many classes are there?

A: There are 8 classes from level 1 to 6 with levels 3 and 4 divided into 2 sub-levels, as can be seen in the curriculum

What books do we use in class?

A: We will continue to use the I Love Islam series of books for Sunday school. Books will be available for purchase at the school. See the curriculum and your child's class information page for the specific books your child will use in class. There are additional books that are used for Arabic and Quran. 

What is the age of the students attending the Sunday School?

A: The students' ages start at 4 years up to 13+, see the curriculum page for the students' ages per class.

How long does the class last?

A: The class starts at 10:05 am, starting with an assembly in the gym promptly at 10:00. School ends at 1:20 pm - see the daily schedule.

What subjects and topics are taught in Sunday School?

A: Students are taught Islamic studies, Quran and Surah recitations, and Arabic, depending on the class, See the curriculum and your child's class information page.

What language are the classes taught in?

A: Classes are taught in English.

Besides Islamic Studies and Arabic, are there any fun activities for my child?

A: Yes, the school and the teachers organize extra-curricular activities throughout the year, such as the Eid parties, blanket drive contests and the end of year party.

Where is drop off and pick up?

A: Parents of Levels 1 and 2 are required to drop off their children in person at the Gym and collect them from their classes at the end of the school. Please note that the teachers and staff will not be responsible for your children if you do not bring them to the Gym at the beginning of the school and pick them up from their class, no later than 1:20pm. Older students can be dropped off and picked up at the MAPS building. See daily schedule and the school policies.

Can my child buy lunch?

Students can bring a packed lunch. Alternatively, anyone can buy lunch and snacks at Cafe Jawhara located in the MAPS building next to the Gym. Please see their website for more information on the menu and catering.

Why is Sunday School only during the weekends?

A: Most students have day school and extra-curricular activities during week days. 

Who runs Noor Weekend Academy?

A: Sunday School is operated by volunteers from the community. You can find their details on our staff page. The staff volunteer their time and energy at the school for the benefit of our children and community and for the rewards in the Akhirah!. Please find it in your hearts to pray for them that Allah (SWT) accept their efforts and extend your courtesy and understanding to them if something does not go the way you expect. We all strive hard to meet and exceed your expectations. 

How can parents help?

A: Parents are more than welcomed to volunteer to handle a variety of tasks including assisting the teachers in class, bringing healthy snacks for class, the assisting the students at break time, organizing special events, etc.  If you want to volunteer, see the volunteering page.

How will I know about upcoming events at Noor Weekend Academy Sunday School?

A: Announcements are posted regularly on the home page.

How often will I receive information on my child's progress?

A: At the end of each semester, your child's teacher will hold a parent-teacher meeting. You can also ask for a private meeting with the teacher to discuss your child's progress.

Who will contact me if my child is having difficulty?

A: Your child's teacher or the admin staff at Noor Weekend Academy will contact if there are any issues.

What will I need to do if I wish to remove my child from Sunday School?

A: Please contact admin@mynoor.org to remove your child from Sunday School. In case you decide not to have your children attend the Sunday School, we would appreciate a notice so that we open the spot to the next student on the waiting list. It is our goal to provide the Sunday school services to our entire community while effectively utilizing the limited resources available to us.

Can I visit the school and the classes?

A: Please contact Noor Weekend Academy on the contact Us page to ask about visiting the Sunday School.

I have more questions than what is in the FAQ page, who do I talk to?

A: You can contact admin@mynoor.org for more information that are not found on the website or the FAQ pages.