Backpack Meals Challenge 2016

posted Feb 24, 2016, 4:26 PM by Shamima Paurobally

Backpack Meals Challenge 2016

Noor Academy and Muslim Community Resource Center (MCRC) are collaborating to bring together non-perishable food items for the Bellevue Backpack Meals program ( Join us at Noor Weekend Academy in our efforts to provide food for hungry school kids in Bellevue through a cash/cheque donation.

  • When to give: This Sunday February 28th
  • Where to give: At Noor Weekend Academy during Sunday School.
  • How to give: Just send cash or a cheque to your child’s teacher. You can send it through your child or hand it to the teacher yourself. Cheques should be made payable to "MCRC Seattle" with "Bellevue Backpack Meals" in the memo line.
  • How much to give: Please give to the best of your ability – EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS.
  •  Why should we give: Because children shouldn’t go hungry.
  • Reward for giving: The Reward for everyone: The satisfaction of knowing you helped others. The reward for the class that collects the most money: an ice cream party. Students will have the opportunity to pack the donation items on Sunday, March 6th during Sunday School Hours.
  • More information: Please visit our website or our Facebook page for news updates. 

It’s hard to imagine that kids in our broader community go hungry at night. For too many school children, the only meals they get are at school. On weekends, they don't have enough to eat. When children are hungry everything else is harder-- including learning. The Backpack Meals for Kids programs is working to fill those gaps by providing food during the weekends, food which children can take with them in their backpacks. 

As Muslims, it is our responsibility to step forward and help the people in need around us. To inculcate the spirit of sharing, we are joining hands with MCRC to provide food for Bellevue Backpack Meals. 

This year, we are taking on this challenge a little differently—instead of collecting non-perishable food items we ask that each child bring any sum of money, in order to fund the items that go into the backpacks. In the past, we have realized that there seemed to be an unequal distribution of types of food. Our goal is to increase equity while simultaneously ensuring the health of children and their families. We will be using the money collected to order food items in bulk so that each and every child gets an equal amount and type of items.

Money will be collected by the teachers and volunteers at Noor Academy and given directly to the organization MCRC ( Students will have the opportunity to pack the donation items on Sunday, March 6th during Sunday School Hours.

“He who sleeps contentedly while his neighbors sleep hungry did not believe in my message.” – Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him. 

Thank you all for your help in this initiative. May Allah reward you all. 

Jazak Allah Khair