Blanket Drive - A Success

posted Dec 4, 2015, 12:35 AM by Shamima Paurobally
The blanket drive on 11/22 was a HUGE success alhamdulillah. We collected over 50 blankets from Noor Academy students (and staff) and an additional 60 or 70 from Sammamish masjid. Half of the blankets we collected were donated to the Emergency Shelter in Redmond and the other half was donated to a tent city in Sammamish. 

Attached is the class breakdowns of the amount of blankets collected. The amount was calculated from a)names and levels labeled on the bags or b)parents telling us which level their child was in when they dropped off the blankets. I have also included some pictures of the blankets and where they were delivered. 

Thank you for all your help! May Allah reward you all immensely for being part of the effort to uplift those in need.  

  • Level 1: 8
  • Level 2A: 3
  • Level 2B: 4
  • Level 3A: 7
  • Level 3B:2
  • Level 4A: 6 
  • Level 4B: 3
  • Level 5: 16
  • Level 6: 1