First Day of School 10/1

posted Oct 3, 2017, 7:03 PM by Shamima Paurobally

Assalamu Alaikum All

On behalf of the Noor Weekend Academy staff, welcome to our new and returning Sunday school students! We look forward to another fantastic and successful academic year. We have a dedicated team of teachers, staff, volunteers, and parents who contribute to our Islamic educational programs and events. Here are some details for the start of this new year:

Parent Orientation tomorrow 10/1, at 11:00 am in MAPS Gym. We will be having a Parent Orientation presentation tomorrow where parents will have the chance to learn all about Noor Weekend Academy and ask questions.

TimingsSunday school starts tomorrow 10/1 at 9:55 am in the MAPS gymStudents should line up in the gym with their class, as marked by the signs in the teachers’ hands.See our daily scheduleacademic calendar andsafety information for more information. Parents are REQUIRED to drop off their child/ren in the gym. Parents of Levels 1 and 2 children are REQUIRED to pick their children from their classes at the end of school at 1:20 pm. They can then bring them to the prayer area to pray Zuhr. Parents of Levels 3 to 6 (inclusive) children MUST pick up their children from the prayer area at 1:20 pm, and then pray Zuhr. Praying Zuhr with the community is part of our school's curriculum.

Class Assignments: You should already have received an email about which classes your child/ren will be in. Please remember the assignments for tomorrow 10/1, and pay any unpaid tuition in the office by tomorrow.

Volunteering: Throughout the school year, we need parents or high schoolers to help out at the school with a variety of tasks including assisting the teachers, assisting during break time and organizing special events, etc. Our children get the spirit of volunteering from us and more closely relate to the school when they see that their parents are also involved at the school. See HERE to apply or for more information.

School Policies. Please take the time to read our school policies/code of conduct here.

Books. There is a delay at the publishers end, we will distribute out missing books in classes when we get them Insha Allah.

Classwork and Homework pages. If you wish to know about a class’s curriculum, classwork and homework for a particular teacher/level during the school year, you can refer to the class information pages.

Up-to-date Information:Please regularly check our website and Facebook page for Noor Weekend Academy news and events.

Photos:  We often post pictures or videos of our Sunday school on our Facebook page and website. If any parent has an objection to their child being photographed, please let us know by emailing

Jazak Allah Khair
Noor Staff