Please Volunteer at our Sunday School

posted Oct 20, 2017, 11:04 PM by Shamima Paurobally

Assalamu Alaikum All parents

Volunteering at the Sunday School
Noor Weekend Academy needs volunteers for the efficient and safe running of the Sunday school. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities, even of different time lengths. If you are interested in volunteering, have a couple of hours to spare on Sunday mornings, or you have a teenager who needs volunteering hours for their school, please or drop in our office on Sunday mornings.

Volunteering and service to our Muslim community not only contributes to your good deeds, but your children will love seeing you being part of their Sunday school. See the following articles about volunteering in Islam - Here and Here.

School Dismissal
As a reminder, school dismissal will be at 1:20 pm. For all levels, please pick up your child/ren from their classes. You can then bring them to the prayer area for the Zuhr salat.

Classwork and Homework
If you wish to know about a class’s curriculum, classwork and homework for a particular teacher/level during the school year, you can refer to the class information webpages.

Jazak Allah Khair

Noor Staff