Staff Backlog

This is the list of items on the NWA Staff radar.  It contains things to do, discussions to have, ideas to consider, etc.  Every Sunday, we should pick from these items things to discuss and implement.  Items can be added by anyone (just remember to include your name).  Please feel free to share yours.  

Agreed Dates
Hajj Experience  - May 15
End of Year Awards Assembly - May 22
Picnic - June 5

Ideas we're currently executing on:
Buy a wireless communication system for MyNoor - Br Azfar -- Br Ata to drive

Ideas to consider: 
Wrap up goals for school year (Communication, Facilities, Volunteering, Registration, Academic, Process goals, etc.) - Ata
Add FUN to the school - Br Azfar
Take a field trip to an Islamic Art studio (check out or - Ata
Offer an Islamic Art class (check out ) - Ata
Add Charity to the curriculum (maybe together with MCRC?) - Ata
Principal should sit in each class for 10 min each day - Ata
Clarify roles and responsibilities for Admin and Principal - Ata
Buy We are Muslims Audio CD for little kids.  It's a great way learn Islamic basics offline.  - Ata
Build an Internal Calendar for the school.  Add things like Email for last day of class, Hand out Report Cards, Start Registration Process, Exit Interviews, etc. - Ata
Should we have an entrance exam (for parents!) - Ata
Should we visit area Islamic schools to learn from their challenges and successes - Ata
When classes are full should we refer kids to area Islamic Sunday schools - Ata
Should we consider something for parents while kids are busy during school time - Ata
Teachers + Admin should Like the Facebook page -- Sadean
T-shirts at end of year -- Sadean
Create a library of books -- Sadean
Get Level 5 and Level 6 curriculum books -- Sadean
Offer summer holidays activities e.g. charity work, reading logs -- Ata
Write a manual on how and which pages to update website eg new teacher, new class - shamima
Database of users on website - names, emails, capabilites and pages - shamima
Children of Peace -- Sr Nehath
Add auto-translate to website - shamima

Ideas that have been implemented:
Build Facebook page for NWA - Ata
Fix site link from MAPS - Ata
Backpacks Meals Challenge -- Sr Nehath