2016 Summer Picnic

Things to consider:

[Shamima] - Flyer

[Ata] - Is anyone from MAPS leadership coming?  Should we invite anyone else?

[Azfar] -  getting there a little early to wave squatters away. Bellevue puts up a sign but I don't in which about Redmond. They probably do too. 
[Ata] - I confirmed with Redmond a few weeks ago that indeed we have it reserved.  I'll call them back and ask how to stave off squatters

Event day setup
[Shamima] set up food and drinks
[Shamima] set up Volleyball nets
[Shamima] put up a sign that the picnic is here?

Food & Drinks
[Maggie] - food pizza, drinks, fruits , vegetables , garbage bags and utensil

[Shamima] - Megaphone?

[Azfar] - toys. Volleyball for the two nets and sand toys as we has discussed. 
[Ata] I'll bring the toys.  I'll also bring a volleyball 
[Ata] - who is going to do the face painting?  What supplies do I need to order for them? 
[Shamima] soccer ball, and football
[Shamima] Face painting   It seems to come with the stencils and has glitter face paint. May be get also a second one with more colors (though without the stencils) GOOD QUESTION: WHO IS DOING THE FACE PAINTING?


[Shamima] - I can take some pics

Ata Bhatti,
Jan 24, 2016, 11:50 AM