Hajj Experience

Some ideas:

Must confer with Sadean  and everyone to get their insights and experience.


  • Teach kids what is Haj, where, when, how long
  • Children to find out about the different rituals of Hajj
  • Teach reasons and spirituality behind the actions/rituals?
  • The etiquette of being in a holy place
  • To teach about teamspirit and unity in Islam - everyone is equal 
  • Helping each other to meet the objectives

Things we need

  • - Stations for the various rituals
  • - water in cups representing zamzam water
  • - gifts at the end - miswak, tasbeeh
  • - copy of kaaba to do tawaaf
  • - safa marwah  (green lines for running?)
  • - clothes representing ehram
  • - do we have a tent?
  • - do we have a small hill/plateau for arafat?
  • ask for noor staff and parent volunteers
  • Set a date
  • Time - how long does each station take? Plan how to fit everyone in 2.5 hours. How much time per class and station?

Rituals in order

  1. Making intention for hajj enactment. 
  2. tents in mina (station 1) - 
    1. rest a bit? 
    2. learn Labaik
  3. Arafat hill (station 2) - make duahs while standing. prayer for dhur and asr combined here. 
  4. Mudhalifa sleeping in open air, picking rocks. Pick cotton wools or paper? too messy?
  5. back to mina - stoning at jamarat
  6. go to makah/copy of kaaba station and imitate doing 7 tawaafs.
    1. say Rabbana atina fid-dunya hasanatan wa fil 'akhirati hasanatan waqina 'adhaban-nar
    2. stand on the green line facing black stone after each tawaaf
    3. how will the kids remember how many rounds they are at?
  7. have a drink of water
  8. go to safa- marwah. 7 times back and forth
  9. have a drink of water
  10. imitate cutting hair
  11. Get an Eid present at the end!
Question: Usually in Haj everyone completes the different rituals on the same day. Here each class gets their turn at a station. so level x+1 starts 5-10 mins after level x
Ata Bhatti,
Jan 18, 2016, 10:09 AM