Part of the website contains the teachers' announcements, classworks and homeworks. This is an important part that parents will check regularly for information about your classes. 

Here are instructions for you 1) to browse the website, 2) to sign in and edit the website 

To browse the website
The website can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/noorweekendacademy/ or www.mynoor.org
Please navigate around the pages using the left navigation side-bar, search button or the site map. 

To sign in and edit the website
After you send us your gmail email, we will give you editing permission to your respective class page. For example, Sister Mona can edit the webpages for Class Information -> Level 1 - Sr Mona and level 1 curriculum. 

1. If you have a gmail account, you will see the editing tools as shown in the attachment once you are on your own class page (not on other pages).NoorEditing.png

2. Read this if you do not have a gmail account. We can send you the invitation anyways to your other email account. You will be prompted to create or login to a gmail account before you can edit the webpages. Please do so. Once you create/login to a gmail account, we will be able to grant you editing permission. No need to send me your gmail accounts since I should automatically see them on the website sharing menu. I will send you an email as soon as I change your permission to edit. You will then see the editing tools as for 1. above. 

To edit the website
The editing tools resemble those in word. Click on the pencil button on the top right of the web page. You should then see a standard editing menu at the top of the web page. Note you can only edit through google sites:

Feel free to play around with the tools. Here are a couple of short youtube videos that can help:

What you can add to your class page

1. Sign in.  Reach out to us (shamima7@gmaiil.com) if you have difficulties logging in. 
2. Add a syllabus in your curriculum page found at: https://sites.google.com/site/noorweekendacademy/class-information
3. Add an announcement to your class page welcoming your students to the new school year and how you intend to use your teacher webpage.
4. Add what you will cover in class in the following weeks. Try adding an attachment and/or a picture, if available.
5. Add your homework to your class page.  Say "No new homework" if none is assigned.
6. Add the required materials for your class to your curriculum page. For example, books, class supplies, pencil, crayons, eraser, notebook.

Once you are granted editing capability, check out the Internal Knowledge Base, which is private to Noor Staff

Shamima Paurobally,
Aug 23, 2016, 7:30 PM