Code of Conduct

Be Punctual and Come Prepared

Bring your child on time ( before 10:00am ) and come prepared to learn with a backpack containing school supplies, books, completed assignments and lunch (or money). Pick them up promptly at the end of classes (1:20pm).  Parents of Level 1 and Level 2 children are to pick up their children from their classes.  All parents are encouraged to stay for Zuhr prayer afterwards--this is a tremendous opportunity to cultivate Islamic values in your children. 

Attend Regularly

Space at school is limited and there is almost always a waiting list. Therefore, the attendance policy is “Three consecutive absences without prior written notice will result in the student’s spot assigned to the next student in the waiting list and the student’s name being added to the bottom of the waiting list.” Also, should you decide to withdraw your child from school, please notify us immediately so we may give the spot to the next child on the waiting list.  

Complete Homework

Students may be assigned homework each week (check the class web page for specifics). Please continue the learning by directing your child to complete it at home. Not only will this connect you and your child’s Islamic learning, but it will emphasize the importance you attach to Islamic education as well as reinforce their learning at school. In case of an absence, you and your student are expected to seek out and complete the missed assignments on the website  

Behave Respectfully in Class

Islam teaches us to respect others and to treat them with kindness. We expect our students to live up to this standard, building friendships along the way that will outlast their time at the school.  We reinforce these values by promoting a positive and collaborative Islamic learning environment at the school.  Moreover, we do not tolerate any bullying or harassment at the school.  We expect that:
  • Students will behave in a respectful manner towards teachers, staff and other students. 
  • Students will avoid disruptive noises or gestures or using profane or abusive language. No fighting will be tolerated.
  • Students will clean up after themselves.
  • Students will not leave the classroom without their teacher's permission
  • Students will not leave the classroom early without their parent's permission
  • Students will not leave the premises without the direct supervision of their teacher or parent/guardian
  • Students will not use electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, iPads, gaming systems, etc.) during class. Electronic devices should be put away before the start of class and may be used for emergency purposes only.  Please have your child leave their video games and toys at home. 

Please, no snacks during Ramadan

To respect the Holy month of Ramadan and other children who are fasting, please do not send any snacks with your children to school during Ramadan. You may provide healthy snacks for your children after Eid. However, Level 1 students can bring in snacks to school during this time and the teacher will work with them to keep their snacks inside the class.