Per semester (2 semesters per school year): 

1st Child: $345.

 2nd/3rd Child: $100/per child.

 Book fee: $20/per child. 

1st Semester fees due: September 16, 2018. 

2nd Semester fees due: January 6, 2019.

Payment can be made in one of two ways:

    • Pay by cash. (5% Discount)
    • Pay by check to the treasurer.  Make checks out to Muslim Association of Puget Sound.

In case of Financial Hardship:

If you are unable to pay the fees for personal financial reasons, please see the Noor Weekend Academy Treasurer, Br Barakat, in the office during business hours or email him at finance@mynoor.org to discuss your options.  We will be happy to make accommodations for financial hardship.  We are an all-volunteer effort and all proceeds after expenses go to MAPS.

Please note, we do not issue any refunds for classes that we have to cancel e.g. unexpected weather conditions.