Noor Weekend Academy will be physically and emotionally, safe and secure for all students, staff and visitors. We provide a safe, peaceful and healthy learning environment for all our students, teachers and staff. To this end, we conduct monthly safety drills such as fire drills, lockdown drills and earthquake drills and have a security guard at the door of the premises during school hours. We ask all parents to work with Noor Weekend Academy to keep all children safe by following our safety procedures:
  • Safe Drop-off

Parents are REQUIRED to drop off their child/ren in the gym. Children should not exit cars in front of the MAPS building entrance with the parent ready to drive away. This is dangerous to the kids crossing the parking and causes congestion. Park the car and escort your child/ren to the Gym. Children should not be left by themselves in the gym before 9:55 am. 

  • Safe Pick up.

Parents of Levels 1 and 2 children are REQUIRED to pick their children from their classes at the end of school at 1:20 pm. They can then bring them to the prayer area to pray Zuhr. 
Parents of Levels 3 to 6 (inclusive) children MUST pick up their children from the prayer area at 1:20 pm, and then pray Zuhr. 
Some parents wait for their children in their car at pick up time. Please be aware of the safety risks this poses since the parking lot is busy with people and traffic at the end of Sunday school.

  • A Bully-free School

We have a zero-tolerance policy against bullying or harassment. When a case of bullying or harassment is observed by or reported to the school staff, the staff members will work with the involved students and their parents to resolve the issue amicably. This will serve as the *only* notice to the involved students. Any indication that the feedback was not acted upon or a repeat incident of any extent will be cause for immediate dismissal of the student(s) responsible for the incident as determined solely by the Noor Weekend Academy Staff.
  • Response to crises
Please ensure that we have your up-to-date phone number and email address so we can reach you in case of emergency. The phone number should be one that you carry around with you and the email address should be one that you check regularly.
  • A clean school
A clean school is a happy and healthy school! Everyone should do their part to make sure our school is clean. It can help prevent illness from infectious diseases, decrease issues from allergies or asthma, and more. Students should clean up after themselves and leave the area as or cleaner than they found it.