Noor Weekend Academy is operated by a dedicated staff of volunteers. The staff volunteer their time and energy at the school for the benefit of our children and community and for the rewards in the Akhirah--Please pray that Allah (SWT) accepts our efforts!  

Through the school year, we need parents to help out at the school with a variety of tasks including assisting the teachers, bringing healthy snacks, assisting students during break time and organizing special events, etc. Our children get the spirit of volunteering from us and more closely relate to the school when they see that their parents are also involved at the school. We, the teachers and staff, have first hand experience with this.

Please fill out the form below including preferences and special skills that you possess. Within one week after we receive your information, we will contact you with information on how you may help.  We look forward to leveraging your special talents.

Volunteering Log (Optional)

Some volunteers, e.g. high school students, need to track the hours they spend volunteering. Any such volunteer should fill the spreadsheet (Volunteers Log.xlsx) and bring it to the Noor Weekend Academy office.  

This log also allows Noor Weekend Academy to have a record of your hours should we need to produce documentation such as references. 

Volunteering Form